#126 The Hermitage Museum

Hallo, today Lee and I went to the Hermitage Museum. It’s a branch of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia.  First we walked around this area of Central Amsterdam, that we’ve not spent any time in before.


Quite frankly we walked around there quite a lot as we couldn’t find the Hermitage! But it was beautifully sunny (and freezing) So we enjoyed the sights. Amsterdam itself is both a museum and an art gallery, everywhere you look!

First lunch in this delightfully bohemian and decorative theatre cafe, Kaptein Zeppo’s which was down an adorable alley.


I had a hot goats cheese, spinach, pear & red pepper salad, with vinaigrette, pine nuts and honey drizzled on. It was excellent!

We walked around a bit more and stopped in a bar for a drink & poffertjes. It was a nice place, but we experienced our 1st bit of aggro in NL – after 273 completely aggro-free days might I add! In there 2 drunk dutch blokes were causing a bit of a stressful mood for one and all – the 4 waitresses kept having a go at them but they wouldn’t leave. In the end a waitress phoned some man to come and rough them up a bit & it was all over! Yes- i am aware that stuff like this happens every night in pubs & bars all over A’dam, but I don’t go there at night and we lived in stuff like this every single day in Speke in daylight hours!

Then to the Hermitage, which was previously a workhouse for 400 ladies over the age of 50 (they had to have been a member of the calvinist church for 10 years to get in).

the church/dining hall

And it was full of Dutch Masters as well as a temporary exhibition of amazing art by ‘Outsider Artists’ – adults with learning disabilities. And a kitchen from 1755 where you could touch everything. Also a smaller exhibit about the surrounding towns of Amsterdam, and more. We got the combo ticket for all the exhibitions including audio tour, would have been £29 each but, with our museumkaarts, it was a mere £10 each. hurrah!

I didn’t particularly love any of the Dutch Masters, but I was interested in the story behind “Flora” which is a picture of his wife Saskia, by Rembrandt. In fact the audio tour thingy was very interesting and we learned loads of history again. The more we learn, the more we love the Netherlands!


We love it here!


Also afterwards, we had a coffee, a fruit juice and a pack of posh English crisps in the Hermitage Cafe, and it only came to £5 which is extremely cheap!

What a lovely day out.



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