#127 some little visitors

Oh Hello there! This morning we had Vanessa to lunch with her 3 little ones. I prepared by removing a few things & found some toddler-friendly items. It’s very strange after such a long time! We haven’t had a small child in our home  at all in NL.  I made red pepper chicken curry soup and we had cheese rolls, and the remainder of the banana bread i made yesterday.  The girls & Fred managed to emerge by the time they got here, Vanessa cycling her bakfiets with the 3 girls riding inside.


Excellent contraption! And we had such fun with her little ones! They are 4, 2 and a baby. We really laughed a lot over their antics. What a lovely family!

Later the 4 teens & I went to Hoofddorp and watched Black Panther, the latest Marvel Superhero film. I  always find these films too fast & fighty to be honest but I enjoyed the African flavour. We had pizza in Pizzaworks Trattoria. It was  lovely to see my 4 chatting and laughing in there together like a bunch of affable young adults!


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