#131 Lots of birds.

Jojo went to the farm with Lola on Saturday, met the boss, Lola gave him a little tour, and he starts next Saturday. Hurrah!

Today it was about +2 degrees outside as we left for church. It felt so warm in comparison to the last 2 weeks! This week we learnt about Jesus’s power for transformation in the area of relationships. I saw my friend Victoria and signed up for the membership course. This is the next step towards leadership, so I’m excited to do this.  Then after church there were lots of people and kids messing about on the ice in the ditches in the car park!After McDonald’s, Lola and I walked to Broerse Park to see the birds. It has black swans, chinese ducks, peacocks, and two birdhouses full of finches and budgies.

She loves birds so we sat in the gorgeous sunshine for quite a while. It got up to 10 degrees, and there was no wind. We walked around the nice architectural part of Amstelveen.

On the bus home we saw some Egyptian geese, the ugly beige ones with a tan/red spot over their eye. And they had a full set of babies! So cute.

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