#133 De Braak

I wasted most of the day yesterday. I was moping about, feeling sorry for for myself, because the bank balance is close to zero so early in the month. This morning I sat in bed with my posh, self-ground coffee with brown sugarcubes in, and toast, in a huge comfy bed with pretty new covers, with my bibles and smartphone to hand, a large light-filled room, in a nice big luxurious home, in a beautiful part of a wonderful country. and I ask myself “How can I doubt that God is providing for all our wants and needs?” !

Oh the humanity!

This morning I listened to “turn your eyes upon Jesus” before my prayer time.

and in my bible time, sure enough, my boring old bank balance faded well out of focus as I dwelt on the things in my bible study. Think of all the prayers He has answered, think of the promises that have already proved true.

I am a living proof of God’s faithfulness in action.

Today Robin and I took the bus up to Amstelveen to go to Broerse Park and then walked to De Braak Park.

Between parks we looked for a coffee place. We saw a cafe area in the window of an organic supermarket, they let us have coffees even though the cafe isn’t ready to open yet…they were actually really delicious coffees and, free! As the area wasn’t ready. What a strange thing! I think it was my Lord reminding me.


De Braak is very nice and wild compared to Broerse Park. We saw two woodpeckers there, chasing each other around.


And finally, this awful front garden:




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