#137 politics

We are eligible to vote in the local elections, and I saw an advert for something about Amsterdam politics that’s in English, so last night we went out. We had dinner in a nepalese restaurant first.


It was rather fun. There was a quick comedy introduction bit about expats voting by Greg Shapiro. We had a panel of 4 political journalists, housing expert, professor etc. They gave a quick explanation of the main parties, the system and some main issues and solutions. It was quite friendly and funny. Then an English Storyteller told us a welsh folktale, and later the panel answered audience questions. Some interesting facts were, there are less than a million residents in Amsterdam, and about 23 million tourists a year. About 11 thousand people move to Amsterdam each year. There are 89,000 non-dutch people eligible to vote in this local election. 40% of housing in Amsterdam is social housing! Amazing! And over a third of all travel in the city is by bike.

They agreed that Amsterdam is planning now to home 2 million people by 2040 and more housing islands in the Ij are already in construction.

A nice evening out, and I feel a bit less clueless about the parties/system now.

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