#138 Tropen museum/Rembrandt huis

I had a lovely time at Lifegroup last night, Fred went to Youth Alpha and Lola went to Amsterdam on the back of her farm girlfriend’s moped! When I got in, Fred was in bed reading the bible! Praise God! Lola was back about 11:30pm as she had work the next morning. She said it was about 45 mins each way, quite comfortable travel and she and her friend could easily hear each other and chat all the way.

I am looking up train tickets to Den Haag / the Hague, I think Lee and I will have our Saturday outing there soon.

Today Jojo and Lola went off to work, cycling in high winds and freezing temps with a light flurry of snow. and Lee and I went to Amsterdam to the Tropenmusem (tropical/ethnological museum). We went to their cafe first, it’s got all delicious international meals. I had African potato soup!

It was a lovely museum with lots of history of dutch colonies, some modern fashion designs from various African countries,

And lots more, all done in a lovely building.

Some African fabrics and a yarn I bought recently

Also an historic/cultural exhibition of tattoos.

Later we had a cuppa and found ourselves opposite the Rembrandt Huis, so we went in.

It is a really cute house but everything inside is a replacement as he went bankrupt and everything got sold.


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