#139 Haarlem

Well! A lot of time seems to have passed! I have been very tired this week, not sleeping much at night. So I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, watched another Norwegian tv series on Netflix. “Grenseland” This time a bit of a treat- the subtitles were in English!

On Tuesday Ruby and I went to Corrie Ten Boom’s house with the ladies of my bible study group. We all brought a “plus one” .we all had lunch together afterwards. It was very good of course. It’s a wonderful experience there. Later Ruby and I went exploring a bit as we haven’t been to Haarlem on months.

These ladies are a lovely joyful bunch!

I forget how pretty it is! Also we went in “A taste of home” and bought 2 different English cheddar cheeses! Hurrah!! 😁

Then on Wednesday my lovely friend, who I worked together with in McDonald’s in about 1994, was in town for Intertraffic convention at RAI convention centre.

so we had lunch together in Broers.

It was absolutely wonderful to spend a couple of hours chatting. We probably last met about 16 years ago. We just loved each other! ❤

Today Ruby and I went to Ikea just for a look. I got slightly narked when the coffee machines were all not working, so I couldn’t have my free cuppa! There were crowds milling about with empty coffee cups in their hands, not knowing what to do! Then, the toilets weren’t working! We walked around Ikea anyway . Then coming outside we found out why – there was a water pipe situation and the roads was flooded ! It was quite deep so we took a bus one stop to avoid walking through it!

😊 if anyone can handle water situations it’s the Dutch! 😁

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