#141 bromfietsen

Hello. Lola was out with her friend last night, coming home on the moped (bromfiets) when another moped overtook a bit too close and sent them flying. I heard about this at 7am when she phoned me from VU medicentrum. (Buitenveldert). She said it wasn’t serious so I got on the bus and got her. The friend’s knee was a bit worse, but Lola had only lots of cuts, grazes and bruises. They had been taken to VU in an ambulance and been seen, but Lola was told, as it’s not serious, it would be much cheaper to ring your own Dr and be seen. This sounds very strange to English ears, doesn’t it! So I rang some dutch friends to get a native’s understanding of the situation. They were very helpful and offered to transfer her from one hospital to another if necessary. But she was really okay so we got the bus. Stopped at Amstelveen for a McDonalds at 9am and then we split up so I could go to church! (I really love going to church don’t I!) And she stayed on the bus to Uithoorn.

IMG_20180325_140935.pngAfter church I was invited to a meeting of leaders of all lifegroups in the Aalsmeer/ Uithoorn/ South Amstelveen region. We all introduced ourselves and told a little about our group. I actually didn’t know who is the official leader of our Lifegroup as we seem to all take turns leading it. We have a wonderful time. Another group told how they had grown in size but had no-one suitable to help lead, that was interesting. I was surprised to hear that there is another Lifegroup currently in Uithoorn/De Kwakel- it’s all in Dutch, that’s why I hadn’t heard of it. So at the end I took the opportunity to tell Sietse and Doreen about some of my ideas for what I might do at church. They were very receptive and it was a lot of fun. Doreen and her husband gave me a lift home and went via a house in Uithoorn that’s for sale, she thinks I should buy it. Well okay I will certainly pray about it!


It’s pretty much ideal for us actually! Although we are not all agreed on whereabouts we should live.

So Lola is just resting and seems in reasonable spirits. It’s been quite an adventure today, time for a nap!


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