#142 constant renewing

Hello, I woke up on Monday and immediately thought of my latest massive healthcare bill. And loads of other sad and difficult things. It was awful! What a start to the day. I started my Thanks to God. I write them down, each morning, along with my worries. A mind-full of woes can soon be changed to joy by focusing on God, His character, His promises and deeds. Thanks to BSF I am well trained in this transformative activity!

we didn’t do much – Lola sitting around letting her cuts n bruises heal up. Then in the evening D came round. She is dutch and lives in Uithoorn, and goes to our church. She works in supporting teens to get into the right school or something, and spent a couple of hours explaining things to me, and applying her expertise to my boys’ situation. It was quite an answer to prayer. She even emailed the head of a ASD type school re Fred. Wow!

Then we talked about our plans for lifegroups and talked about Uithoorn. very fun.

This morning I woke with a dreadful headache and just dragged myself out the bed, to be picked up by Wendy. We went to ladies Bible study group to watch “the hiding place” following last week’s visit to Corrie Ten Boom’s house. We had lots of snacks, and tissues for all the tears! It’s very harrowing yet faith-building.

Later “I” showed us her book and asked the two native English women to proofread the English translation. With pleasure! And then 4 of us discussed the plan of doing BSF in this group. Positive reactions!

So another very exciting and positive day, full of God connecting normal women at exactly the right time and place.

Later Ruby and I had a small adventure, got a bus to Aalsmeerderbrug and took a walk south up the ringvaart haarlemmermeer.

We walked for an hour, it was nice. Then we took about 4 wrong buses, including on the third bus, passing the first stop we had got on! 😁 and ended up having a Burger King in the airport! All’s well…

We also saw a rabbit and some oystercatchers.

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