#143 ten months in!

Hello, we have been in the country for ten months. Ten wonderful Dutch months! Tien maanden.

Not my work ! Scheepjes.

I think the main thing that’s different 10 months in, is that we have a wide variety of friends now. It makes a massive difference. Just yesterday I put out a plea on watsapp for someone to help me with my collection of bills, receipts, forms, claims etc for just one family trip to the dentist in October! It’s got totally out of control and my lovely ex-banker friend is going to help me with it.

Thinking about that house in Tesselschadelaan, I am thinking about life in Uithoorn. We have not invested ourselves in the house or the neighbourhood. Why would we? – renting has a very temporary feel. You don’t bother painting the walls a cheery colour or make any effort with the locals.

But we certainly can. I now know 2 couples, 5 kids and 2 women in Uithoorn who attend our church. That’s a good base!

There is a very-good-reputation high school 5 minutes away, perhaps G or both boys could go there. They would each have more than 2 extra hours per day. And save over 200 euros a month in bus fares.

I wonder if Lee could get into a car pool to work. It’s an hour by 2 buses but only 25 mins by car.

I just ordered our tickets to Keukenhof. We are planning to go on April 12th.

Life is an amazing adventure!

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