#146 Rollercoaster!

I would never get involved in an atheists debate on facebook, right? It’s just an opportunity for anonymous hating.

Er, wrong. I put a comment on a video and then went out and got all anxious about it, and dreaded opening fb later to see the results. I prayed.

So I enjoyed my evening at church, basically a quick membership course, for those who are already interested. We all introduced ourselves and then heard something about grace, growth, groups, gifts and giving. It was fun and interesting. Of course I’ve always got half an ear out for something to disagree with!! But I was refreshed by some of their approaches.

On the way home the Lord reminded me that any hate I might receive is directed at Him, not me. So I opened my fb up without fear, knowing I can say what I know about God and He will be responsible for the results. Hoorah! Absolute dread and confidence in the same evening, what an adventure!

Here’s an Easter bread with marzipan centre, that Lee received yesterday for Easter from work! It’s delicious.

They don’t have Good Friday off work here. The Dutch christians in my Lifegroup didn’t know a dutch word for Lent. It’s considered a Catholic idea. (They are already using the word lent for spring: lente ) and echoing Christmas, they call Easter Sunday “Paasdag 1” and Monday “Paasdag 2”! I find it so funny!

This morning Robin and I had the pleasure of looking after a gorgeous, shy 5-year old girl. She quietly made herself a full set of paper jewellery while listening to princess songs. After a couple of hours she started to warm to me a little and showed me a seedling she’d planted. It was an extremely peaceful and nice morning. I really love to spend time caring for someone like this. I was thankful that the mother can trust me (you don’t bring your reputation across the channel with you) and I felt a bit more like a full member of society.

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