#147 Paperwork, UGH!

They held the Passion in Bijlmer by the Arena last (Thursday) . It is in a different part of NL each year. I’d like to go another time.

This morning I have moved some furniture around downstairs and hoovered, much needed.

Vanessa has come and sorted through all my medical bills, claim forms etc, and told me what’s what, and given me some jobs to complete to get it all sorted. For which I am extremely thankful!

I get very upset very fast when trying to deal with such things. It’s not just the difficulty with numbers and organising, but I am preloaded with awful memories of the times we were in debt, and regrets, some bitterness, guilt and self condemnation of course. I know there is no need to feel all these feels. But here we are. Thank God for providing Vanessa!

So I read stories to her daughter while she did it .Then I made some calls and lots of it is already being sorted.

I have always deeply appreciated the solemn Good Friday morning service, so it was strange not to have one. I went with Ruby, Jojo n Fred (Lola was at work) to a service at 7:30pm . It was lots of worship and quite a hard hitting sermon. Not at all what I imagined! But I was glad to worship and together appreciate what our Saviour has done for us. Nothing can ever pluck me from His hand! ❤

Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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