#148 Easter Saturday

A spring morning! Lee and I cycled to Vrouwenakker bridge and then up the Amstel back round to Uithoorn. I have really missed these cycles over winter, really forgotten how cheap, easy and joyful it can be!

We heard a gun report and saw a big dog in the distant fields, chasing a huge hare. They were zigzagging across the fields for quite a while, until the hare got away. We also passed a rowing club having it’s open day. Lots of people kayaking and rowing.

Then a coffee in Het Rechthuis aan de Amstel. On the way home the sun came out and we could feel a glorious warmth. Spring!

I’ve had a difficult couple of weeks, but it is very encouraging to look at the cross and see that, what looks like utter defeat, is the beginning of something Amazing!

Here are some oystercatchers on our roof.

We also saw some goldfinches. (Had to look them up too – we are learning to recognize new birds by the day!)

(Not my pic)

So D picked me up and we went to church to decorate.

It was sunny so we did it outside.

I did these.

then we went to Clara Maria farm and she bought me some cheese! My 2 kids were both upstairs pricing, so we didn’t see them. But I met Katrina the owner and had a little chat.

Then we went for a cuppa at D’s house and quite a chat and a little prayer! How lovely.

This is outside our house.

Happy Easter!

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