#149 Zaanse Schans

O Happy Day! We had a lovely Easter service. We are going to starts calling it Resurrection Day, and we are going to start learning the Jewish holidays of the year. This isn’t coming from Xrds church, but it is much more normal in Dutch churches to be a bit more aware of the Jewish origins of things.

Which is fun, so we will join in!

Today, bank holiday Monday, or “Tweede Paasdag” as it’s known, I went with Lee and Robin on a bus, train, bus to Zaandam – the Zaanse Schans.

It’s a lot of working windmills, traditional working craft museums and cute traditional houses, that have all been moved and gathered here North of Amsterdam.

Of course it was quite damp and drizzly, and we were sharing it with about 3000 international tourists. We were out on the cheap, so didn’t actually go inside any of the museums or buildings! But we had a good look. The villagey bit is really gorgeous, I think people actually live in these sweet houses.

You really get a feel for what a traditional village would have been like (if it had thousands of Indian and Japanese visitors!)

They have the innards and accessories of the 1st Albert Heijn, which was local to Zaandam. It was interesting and free so we went in!

They were demonstrating ans selling pewter, clogs, barrels, gin, weaving etc that we basically avoided cos ££££. We went in the Kraai, (crow) traditional looking pancake house with red gingham curtains ❤. It was a lovely place, I’d like to spend a whole day in summer.

Map on a tray. Genius!
“Sundial path”

And finally:

He is always walking into my pictures!!

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