#152 cherry blossom

Hello, yesterday Lee, Robin and I had a meeting with a mortgage advisor. Then sat at the river for a while as it was lovely and sunny.

Later Robin and I went for a cuppa in D’s. I could see this cute plump bird on her garden wall. She said it’s a vlaamse gaai .

At 6 I cycled to Emily’s for Lifegroup including dinner. She made lasagne and 2 salads. A gorgeous veggie lasagne for me! There were 6 adults and 4 kids. We had quite an emotional Lifegroup with people supporting each other so 💚💚💚.

This morning Lee, Robin and I took the bus up to the Kersenbloesempark, the cherry blossom park, in the Amsterdamse Bos. It was actually the cherry blossom festival, which I would prefer to avoid as I hate crowds. So we got there too early on purpose. But thankfully it wasn’t crowded as most of the blossoms are not really out yet. As we walked around, we could hear inside the marquee, some Japanese choral music and there were Japanese food stalls setting up.

Then we took a long walk in the Bos. We saw a camping place full of cute little chalets and passed through the Highland cattle area.

We had a cuppa in Amstelveen Oud Dorp, then got the bus home. On our last but one stop, we got off at Achterberglaan, as there was an open house.

It is a specific Saturday when many of the houses for sale are all open for viewings without appointment. So we nipped in this house, just for fun.

Its 4 bedrooms, just what we would be looking for. I think it’s the first time Lee’s been in a Dutch person’s house. It was pretty much the same as an english house.

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