#154 Silversant

Lovely Uithoorn! We came upon this colourful little hillock unexpectedly.

I have actually applied for a job today, stacking shelves 8 hours a week in Albert Heijn. I hope I get it! I thought it could ease me into a till job as my Dutch improves. It doesn’t sound very ambitious! But I really did enjoy my time working at Tesco about a million years ago.

Robin and I have been to the library to print some forms. When asking to view a potential rental home, you have to prove your income, your calibre as a tenant, give a DNA test, etc, so I have been working on that today. I also went to the Gemeente to try and clear up some paperwork odds and ends. It was an inconclusive but friendly transaction! Still…Babysteps!

It’s lovely and warm but dull today, and a few smaller pleasure boats have appeared in our little marina.

Going to the gemeente always means a lovely cycle back by Zijdelmeer.

I have been listening to Clarice Fluitt on YouTube. She is quite a character and speaks encouraging truth. It drastically changed my outlook for the better today! 🙌🙏

I cycled up Noorddammerweg to ladies bible study this morning. It was gorgeous out! We had a wonderful time there too, had such a (slightly hysterical) laugh over one lady’s prayer request – about a 14 year old son. Those of us who’ve had 14 year old sons know, things can only get better!!!! 😂 the Lord used me to encourage some people today, for which I am excited and very grateful.

Afterwards I met Carla at The Silversant in Bovenkerk, we had a nice sandwich, and went for a walk in De Braak park.

A kitchen garden. I love ’em.


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