#155 blessings

Hello. Robin and I took the bus up to Amstelveen, to find Xrds church’s new, temporary community centre. To volunteer with whatever needs doing before it opens next week.

We arrived and met a lady who is directing the interior design, and she set us to painting chairs in some gorgeous Annie Sloane chalk paint.

Provided the conditions are right, you can even paint the fabric! Who knew! We enjoyed painting and getting to know the lady present. Turns out I’ve spoken to her mum before at church! Then a young woman joined us. Only lives close to the bus stop nearest our house! She is getting baptised on Sunday and she told us a bit of her story. Then we got the bus home together. How lovely, more christians living close by! What a lovely surprise.

The building is a large office building and Xrds has the 6th floor. I really liked the colours that have been chosen, you can definitely tell a woman has been making decisions!! She has designed desks for the office workers that feature integral plants and branches ! The “Executive Pastor” was also there and I told him a bit about some of my extensive volunteering-at-church-community-centre experience. What a lovely day, blessed by our loving God, doing something we enjoy with lovely people.

Also the ostercatchers. They are a pair who keep coming back to the roof opposite/behind us. They have a lovely, loud, unusual call. Quite tropical sounding!

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