#160 info & baptisms

D came round with her grown up son. She had lots of info for me about possibly changing the boys to an ISK (that’s the class they’re in now to learn Dutch) that is closer by, in Amstelveen. She told us by law the girls must get their diploma (cert that shows you’re ready for uni) by age 23. And if they aren’t, the Leerplicht will hunt us down. They aren’t hunting very hard! I have made enquiries at all kinds of places, council, various colleges and organizations and got nowhere!

So she is going to make a call for me Monday about Robin and she has passed me the name of someone to ask about that school in Amstelveen.

Sunday. Robin and Fred came to church with me. It was a Baptism. Five people got baptised in our 10am service and more in the noon service. One of the men was a lifelong atheist, who got divorced and realised he was at a crossroads in his life. So he googled crossroads and found our church!!!! Obviously I’ve abridged his story here. But, how funny and wonderful the ways the Lord chooses!

Paul spoke on hearing God’s voice. I was glad to hear it.

Afterwards I met Anneke, who I had been recommended to meet, to talk about options for Robin. Well! She was extremely encouraging, didn’t have any situation-specific info for me but very keen to be supportive and pray for us! 😁 The Lord knows exactly what we need, huh! I was delighted. I had been thinking about the extremely wonderful encouragement we received at Gateway. And how I am very loved here, but it is not quite the same in-your-face spiritual encouragement. But the Lord is sufficient and will encourage me.

And He certainly has today! Quite in-your-face!


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