#162 Alkwin + Aalsmeer

Parklands, Halewood, Christian Fellowship School, Mundus, Denise. My poor Jojo is 15 and needs to choose his 6th High School. He is apparently ready to leave the ISK (the language class for foreigners) and start normal school. He wanted to stay at Denise just because he has made friends there. But due to Denise’s rep and the distance, I believe he should try Alkwin College 5 minutes cycle from here.

The day working on the Ants plus thinking about Jojo’s school was way too much for me yesterday! 😰

My beautiful girl

I’m doing a “she reads truth”.com bible study in Timothy And Titus at the moment. But I was floundering in stress yesterday. The simple phrase helped:

This morning I knew I really needed to inhabit the words, not just read them! So I did a chart of “I have” & “I am” and filled them in from the texts. It was very helpful, gave me strength and confidence for my next task:

This morning after praying about Jojo’s school, I made a little sort of CV with a photo of him on, put it in Dutch and went round to Alkwin College. I spoke in Dutch and asked for an appointment to speak to someone about Jojo. The receptionist changed to English when it got a bit complicated, but she said my Dutch was pretty good considering. !😎

So I now have an appointment at Alkwin in May.

It was sunny so the girls and I headed to Aalsmeer to the beach with picnic butties.

It was pretty windy though!

We saw these strange inflatable characters.

All change! I’ve just been to Jojo’s parents evening, and he is in fact not ready to leave for another year! He has a choice of two courses to do this September at Denise. Before being ready to move on. So I’ve cancelled that appointment at Alkwin, and now I need to encourage Jojo to prepare for a year of preparation for the IB diploma. If he does this course, his next 3 years will be taught in English. (With Dutch as the 2nd language).

What a palaver, I am done!

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