#163 Breukelen

Two of us watched a Lisa Bevere video called “3 keys to getting unstuck” which I thought a good introduction to some ideas about the renewing of our minds. It can be found at http://www.messengercourses.com , click on Renew, click on Learn More, and then scroll to the very bottom. You don’t have to sign up for any courses but you do give your email address.

I have experienced a lot of good, life-improving stuff by the renewing of my mind. I have gradually been learning to notice every negative thought and replace it with some true good news about myself from the Bible.

It is especially thrilling to me to know that my future doesn’t have to be the result of my past! (All my mistakes, illnesses, lack of foresight, lack of trust in God)

Just because I have been, doesn’t mean I have to be. 🙌😊

It was glorious hot sunshine today, and thus everyone immediately gets their open topped cars and small pleasure boats out! Robin and I took the 526, the little bus to Breukelen that takes ages, touring along the river and visiting loads of cute villages.

Then we crossed the big bridge on foot, and walked from Breukelen station to the village. (Should have taken the bus!)

It’s very cute and pretty. And the canal there, is lined with what I can only call, chateaux.



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