#164 prayers + Aalsmeerderbrug

My further adventures!

I had been invited by D to join a small dutch prayer group called Ouders in Gebied, parents in prayer. Tonight was my first time. There were 4 mums, we went in the garden and sat with our cups of tea on a tree trunk table, and a fire chimney was lit. We had a bit of a schedule and we all introduced our family matters, then prayed. I mostly listened, which I find very hard work. There was all sorts of nature close by, green parrots in the tree above and a mouse came onto a plant pot too! It was very good. I look forward to going again. It’s every two weeks I think.

They gave me this bright stripey folder, a leaflet from MomsInPrayer.eu and a laminated “just pray” by Max Lucado.

Every time I go into an actual Dutch family’s home it’s like another layer is being peeled back and I can go a bit deeper into Dutchness!

I finally fixed the blocked bathroom sink today! It took all of 2 minutes. Then Robin and I took the bus to Aalsmeerderbrug. The bridge was just lifting as we crossed.

We took a walk in the blazin’ sun towards Rijzenhout.

Down by the holiday homes, the water got quite busy with leisure craft. We stopped at Geoff’s bar for a cold drink and a bit of shade.

A nice little walk.

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