#168 various

This morning, lovely Vanessa came round with her 2 youngest girls and spent over an hour on the computer applying for dutch child benefit for me. (I am still receiving english child benefit, that’s how it works) . Which is very nice of her. While I bounced the baby around and Lily had some deep convos with Emma, 2. In fact, Emma told me, “ik ben nooit alleen. Je bent altijd in mijn hart” = I’m never alone. You are always in my heart. !

Then Carla picked us 3 up and we had lunch in IKEA. Then popped into Praxis (like B+Q) and Lily got a bright pink planter and some potting soil. For her seedlings are too big for their toy greenhouse!

I also prepared the worship songs for tomorrow’s ladies bible study. That’s a new job I’ve picked up.

On the farm a horse gave birth the other day and Lily was involved with some aftercare. Something we’ve never given any thought to!

The 51 tram, from Amsterdam central station to Westwijk is going to be extended here, and have 2 stops in Uithoorn. Apparently this will be in 2020. But this week they are voting on its name. These are the options:

I prefer Legmeer lijn for literal locality, but Poldertram is cute. However, I think the 51 is known as a metro train, not a tram. So that’s confusing.

While I was looking up hymns on YouTube I came across this short film about the writing of “How great thou art” which I found very international and interesting!


This morning we had a lovely ladies bible study as usual, and then I was treated to lunch by Diana. We had such a laugh and a good talk, she enjoyed my impression of the dutch grimace!! 😁

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