#170 a viewing

The boys have a school trip to Rijksmuseum today. they have next week off, it’s half term. Robin and I walked up Vuurlijn to our appointment at the Gemeente.

We saw these sheep, not normally so close to our home!

Thanks be to God for a successful meeting for Robin’s education/work opportunities. We celebrated with an ice cream from the Ijssalon. It’s a beautiful day to be walking around in Uithoorn. We walked 5k. My feet hurt way less these days, thankfully.

It’s Kings Day tomorrow, so here’s some Royalty:

So…. here’s a pic of some prep for kingsday:

And Lee, Robin and I just cycled over to view the house on Klaproos. It has a ground floor, possibly even larger than here. The kitchen is better placed, along one side wall to the rear. The spiral staircase is in the room. There’s a WC and coat area by the front door. There are 4 bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. None are a tiny boxroom. There’s a pleasant garden in the back, a garage and enough room in the front for a rack of bikes and some plants, there’s a row of hydrangeas there.

Being a bit older house, there are not a huge number of electric sockets. But I couldn’t find anything to dislike! So let’s see! 😊

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