#171 our first King’s Day

Koningsdag. The King is 51 today and it’s a great fun national festival!

I quickly crocheted something in orange, red white and blue. These colours don’t look nice together, but they definitely shout “Koningsdag!” And if people are dressing up in a silly way, I love to join in!

We went through Uithoorn busstation, which had a crowd of orange-clad people waiting for the bus to Amsterdam. We got off at the River and walked down Dorpstraat.

There were a lot more people than I expected. It was a fun, casual friendly atmosphere. Lots of silly orange hats. Children playing at market traders, shouting ” 20% off my old barbies” or “everything 50 cents each”. Lots of people greeting each other, homemade games like bash the rat, kick a ball and hit these oilcans into the river. All the bars and cafes were busy with orange themed products. We went in Sjiek and had drinks and a cake each,

Lee was doing this face on purpose!

A mum & kids setting up cups to knock over.

Robin bought an old typewriter Β£2. We met Rens and Diny from ECG church. I imagined we’d see more people we knew, but we were only out for an hour or 2. It’s chilly and dull today but at least no wind or rain.

As we walked towards Uithoorn’s Amstelplein shopping centre it got much more crowded. I really enjoyed it, I hope I will take a stall/pitch another year. Some just had a cloth on the floor , some brought a table or trailer. It was mostly kids clothes and toys for sale, but a few household knicknacks, antiques and kitchenware. Some had just made some biscuits to sell. People were on deckchairs with a flask of coffee, just enjoying a day off work and the social side of it.

It’s a real feelgood, cheap day out!

We chose to avoid the crowds of Amsterdam for our first Koningsdag. It’s the busiest day of the year there, here’s a warning issued to someone who works in town:

And a picture of the canals in Amsterdam!

Can you imagine!

Here’s someone’s pics from Uithoorn this morning:

And that’s our first Kingsday! (Lily was at work!)


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