#172 a lovely walk

Claudia came by bus from another city. We had decided to go to an African charismatic prayer day which, for an unknown reason, was in Uithoorn this afternoon. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, it was a bit of an adventure.

I met her at the bus station and we walked towards Zijdelward shops – by this time the bus station was a bit full of drunken young men heading to the City. On the way to the church we spotted a coot on her nest with 3 little ones,almost within arm’s reach. Claudia exclaimed, How amazing! “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” We went to the meeting, gave it up to 15 minutes and agreed it wasn’t for us. So we walked towards the river and swapped stories. We had a sandwich in the Ijssalon and took ice creams away to walk in the sun. Claudia agreed that I seem to be living in a holiday! I was telling her lots of the amazing ways God has blessed us here and all the answered prayers. answered way beyond my expectations. She said with all this nature, this is like a paradise.

Then we came upon a very knowledgeable older man feeding the ducks, who started telling us the bad news that God looks down on us and watches us all killing each other in wars, He hates us and how awful the Netherlands is. We chatted for a while, mostly him talking but we managed to give him some Good News.

Then we walked around Zijdelmeer, so Claudia really got the full Uithoorn treatment!

We had a precious time, walked more than 5k, gave each other lots of encouragement and lots to pray about. What an amazing King’s Day – which King am I talking about now?

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