#176 a lovely Tuesday

This morning I packed a spare set of clothes and cycled up the Noorddammerweg in the pouring rain! ☔ It’s only 22 mins cycle or almost an hour by bus to the house where we have ladies bible study group. So I got there, got changed and we watched “All Saints” which is a Christian-ish film based on a true story of a church and it’s Burmese folk in USA. ⛪ In the film there was disaster after disaster for God’s people who were obeying Him. And this touched a chord with lots of us! We talked about this.

Afterwards a friend and I went to Uithoorn and Aalsmeer kringloopwinkels looking for an affordable bed. 🛏 We found some of course. Then the sun was fully out, so we put on our sunglasses and hit the town! 😎 Well, we went for a lunch in the Ijssalon and pretended we were on holiday! It worked for an hour or two! We swapped stories and encouraged each other. 🌈 I was able to share the help I had found in the opening pages of that book yesterday. 📖 Then she had to drive me back to Amstelveen, so I could get my bike and cycle home in the sunshine. 🌞 I really am getting plenty of exercise!

Hello, thanks for reading, but I probably won't look at the comments,

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