#177 one day at a time

Ups n downs!

I have been living very purposefully one day at a time for two days and it was very good! I haven’t managed it so well today though. We met a nice lady in the Gemeente, who helps people find work. She rang the UWV ( who rejected our application in Feb) and showed us what to do – the UWV aren’t supposed to reject people without even having met them!

So that’s good. As my friend Diana says, “God always has one more move!”

Then the estate agents refused us for Klaproos 20 as we can’t move in straight away. I do find this annoying as I like to know what is happening next. But the truth is I absolutely don’t need to know what’s happening next. The Lord knows and I can trust Him to provide. That is a worry for tomorrow, and He has made it quite clear:

Jesus’s own words. How many times have we read and agreed with them, without knowing how to obey?

Today’s worries are usually not much more than making sure the ingredients for tonight’s tea are present, and going to the odd meeting. Actually living as if that’s all I’m responsible for is very freeing and joy-making!

I’m seriously considering this wallpaper in the future!

And finally tonight it was “Ouders In Gebied”. The twice monthly prayers for our children. It’s in dutch, and it’s an extremely nice small set of mums currently. The reading and social bits are fine, but choosing words for prayer, from such a small vocabulary, is very strange. So I mostly prayed silently.

B brought us each a bunch of lilacs from her garden. How beautiful, and how Dutch am I – cycling home in the rain with my flowers! It’s very common here. They smell amazing. What a beautiful end of the day.

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