#179 strangers galore!

So I’ve just had lunch with two ladies I’ve never met before. We laughed and chatted for about 3 hours! (At the Ijssalon of course). They are an English lady that my friend from BSF gave my number, and her American friend who’s been a BSFer for over 20 years.

We swapped stories and agreed to get a “preparing for BSF” prayer meeting started. One of the ladies’ mum lived in Stafford, so you can guess the Soup Kitchen came up! It was blazing sunshine, and they cycled all the way from the very centre of Amsterdam. Down the river. What a lovely afternoon, we were joined together from the start. I am encouraged that the time is right, and I am going to ring and book a room in church’s new community centre for our prayer. Ooh!

Later it was housegroup. And cycling there, in the street, I spotted a lady I don’t know, but I have her on instagram as she is an amazing knitter. So I stopped and asked, is it you?! And so we shall meet and show off our crafts to each other. I have been hoping for this – I often search instagram for anything marked “Uithoorn” in hopes of seeing some craft.

So, quite a day for meeting strangers, huh?! 😊🌈🌞

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