#180 lots happening

Robin and I cycled up to church to hear this guy, Jeffrey Rachmat, speaking on Self-Leadership.

It was quite good, loads of quotable memorable points and all from the bible. We sat next to Dorien, and there was also lunch. We had the pleasure of biking to and from in the gorgeous sunshine!

By Lee
I have spoken to L at church about having the prayer-for-BSF in the church’s new ministry centre. And some of my ideas. It’s all quite exciting. I sent him an email with my basic testimony and my intentions in it. What a load of editing required to get it under 3 pages long!!

There’s a lot of lovely wisteria about.

Last night Jojo and Lily went to the birthday party of someone who works at the farm. He was back at 5 to midnight, cycling through the countryside. What a different lifestyle!

This morning we cycled to church again, and Jeffrey Rachmat was talking about Jesus, specifically about the contradiction of servant and king, it was very good, with lots of example of Jesus in the attitude of a servant and at the same time having the mind of a king.

Afterwards Marcia introduced me to a lady who has been praying for BSF to come to xrds many years. That was also exciting!

Jojo was meeting a friend, who he has known for years over the PSN, but never actually met. They went to the cinema to watch the new Avengers film. The mothers came just to meet & prove everyone was who they say they are!

Then seeing as we were at a cinema, my girls and I watched “I feel pretty” with Amy Schumer, which was quite good.

Lily treated us to a nice lunch at De Beren.

Monday, Vanessa came for lunch with her 3 little girls. They are hilarious! The two big ‘uns, 2 and 4, were running up and down with lavender bags hanging off each wrist!

Then Robin and I took a cycle. We saw some ducklings, baby coots, a little white donkey.

It’s blazing hot again.

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