#181 to Ouderkerk

What a day! After getting Fred’s leg checked at the Doctor’s, Lily and I cycled to Ouderkerk Aan de Amstel, up the river.

Words cannot express how beautiful it is! Neither can my phone camera. The peace, the luxury, the sense of wellbeing.

I missed my ladies group coffee, but “I” had also been late. So we 3 had a chat under the big parasols of “Bakker Out”, a craftsman baker in Ouderkerk, on a terrace by the water. It was absolutely gorgeous. Better than any holiday!

Bakker Out

It smelled amazing in there! And sweet “I” bought us a loaf of their craftsman bread to try.

Then we decided to come back down the other side of the river and cross at the Pontveer ferry (70c each!)

We saw lots of baby birds, lambs, ponies etc. It’s much more ‘country’ on the other side, with way less buildings and no public transport. We cycled about 30km.

Finally we dropped into Dorien’s to discuss decorating a cake for Jojo’s birthday.

Then Lily made us a lovely big homemade coleslaw, and we had it with jacket potatoes, baked beans and tuna mayo. “English food”!

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