#183 Hemelvaartdag

Hello, today it’s Hemelvaart (heaven journey?) = Ascension Day. It’s a bank holiday, so, true to form it started rather grey and rainy. Then it perked up and Lee and I cycled to Aalsmeer to go in the Historical Garden, for free using our Museum Cards. Hurrah!

The shop

Above, Lee in his natural habitat. the amazing smell of the roses hits you as soon as you enter 🌹. There are two of these rose houses and he tried each different fragrance! (They all smell like “roses” to me)

Also the aroma of the lilacs came downwind about 30 feet! Beautiful.

This is a pear tree with 12 arms, each growing a different type of pear!

After that we went down Uiterweg, which is a street sticking into the lake. It is full of lovely characterful houses, but due to the small road and lots of fancy fast cars, we couldn’t take photos. Except I couldn’t resist this tiny place!

And this lovely old thing

A totally free day out!

In the evening Lola made brownies. The smell of them is heavenly too! She’s made one set for us and the other is for Jojo to take to work. People really home-make cakes and bring them to share on their birthday.

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