#184 a bit of each

Got some stuff done today, thank God! I rearranged some health insurance payments that were troubling us. Robin and I made a phone call to her bank account in UK, which is quite a job with forgotten passcodes and her way with phonecalls (plus my own phone + organisational troubles!). But we got our business done!

Then Robin and I went to IKEA with Carla,who treated us to lunch. We had quite a laugh miming and being daft with the items in IKEA. Then had a free coffee in a fancy car dealership, which was a bit strange and nice.

Fascinating fact! In NL, the word “occasions” means 2nd hand car sales.

Even a trip to IKEA is a lovely jaunt through the countryside, and along a main road which crosses the Vinkeveense Plassen (a big lake). Where we saw a class of children learning to sail, each in their own little boat. As well as heaps of wildlife, birds n farm animals.

Then some of this:

Later we had Lifegroup at Fabio’s. We had 2 new ladies, and we had more of the group together than usual, 11 of us. We had a really lovely time as usual and I told them about our financial situation which is quite difficult this month.

People are very caring and someone suggested I get a job as a cleaner (!) Which shows how much they know me!! As I am suited to nothing less. Cycling home I thought, “Lord if you want me to, then I suppose I have to”. By the time I got home I had received a message asking me to teach someone English for £. Which makes more sense, doesn’t it!

This morning I was thinking, “at least in Speke, everyone was in the same boat, and you could knock on any door for some beans + bread” which is very similar to the Israelites saying, “at least in Egypt we had cucumbers, melons, as much meat as we liked!” Isn’t it.

So I cheered up. I get a lot of thoughts at times like these, saying, “that’s what you get for pretending to be like normal people. Get back to the poor area where you belong.” Which I denounce! As I am the daughter of the King, and this is a temporary trial.

So I was just asking God who I should ring to ask for a little help, when Emily came with a big bag of groceries. She’s a good cook and she chose nice ingredients!

Then I took Robin and Fred cycling up the River to Nes, and back down the Bovenkerkerpolder.

What a rollercoaster! I am determined to lean on God, be a team with Lee, and keep cheerful and busy.

God is faithful and my perfect provider.

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