#187 my lovely groups.

Cycled up Noorddammerweg to Marie’s for our bible study this morning. Beautiful weather! We shared some stories and cared and prayed for each other. And did the last chapter of our Tim Keller book. It is a lovely group.

I have seen a lot of lapwings and possibly housemartins. Also today some baby canada geese (it’s been mainly greyling or Egyptian geese). And hares. Hares galore!

I have a lot on my mind this morning. But between these verses I get a better perspective.

And I’m thankful for His peace which really does guard my heart and mind.

Today it turns out we may be able to get out of our rent contract and move earlier! So we must get the place tidy and fit for potential renters.

I had lovely homemade soup with D and her teenage daughter who’s amid her final school exams. She was watching “little house on the prairie” to calm her nerves!

In the evening I went to Ouders in Gebied, the dutch prayer group. I was very tired and I couldn’t understand much so I just prayed inside. They are a sweet group. They were trying to pronounce my name correctly, it looks like Moryon to them, or Marianne.

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