#188 in Amsterdam

Hello. Robin and I went to Frank’s school in Amsterdam to meet a mentor/family liason worker. Surprise! I hadn’t confirmed, so the meeting had been cancelled. 😂

It took fully 1.5 hours to get there. And it made up my mind that this is far too far for frank to come each day. I have phoned the nearest ISK (place to learn dutch for highschoolers) which is hilariously named Panta Rhei. I would like him to go there.

Walking through Buitenveldert between bus and metro, we saw this!

Imagine waking up to this fella staring into your window!

While we were in Rivierenbuurt I paid a bike shop to come and remove a broken lock from my old UK bike, which has been languishing in Frank’s school bike stand.

Then we walked it back to RAI metro station, paid £1.70 for a bike ticket, and brought it to Poortwachter by metro. Then Robin got the bus home and I cycled. Passing Lily’s farm, I went in for some eggs and wild garlic cheese, I saw Lily, and spoke to Kees the farmer. He said they are very happy with Lilian. Of course!

I am hopeful about moving out of ‘ere early, as it will ease the budget considerably. But I’m rather overwhelmed at the thought of packing and such! I shall watch a motivational video now.

Mini tompouce. Surely its the healthiest way to eat them?

Oh yes, today in the supermarket I said, “no, thank je wel”!

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