#190 the “Amsterdam School” architectural style

Hello, today Lee and I went to a museum called Het Schip (the ship) , which is a “Amsterdam school” housing block in northeast Amsterdam.

There was a cafe, an exhibition and a tour every hour. Lots about the slums, the social housing solutions, and design.

We happened to be in when a Dutch tour was on, but I thought we can look at the shapes just as well. People are living there, but one home was available to view with period furnishings. There was also a yard full of “Amsterdam School” street furniture such as mailbox, streetlamp etc. It’s well worth a visit. And of course we got in free with our museumcards.

Once we’d got home it was time for Robin and I to go and babysit two gorgeous brothers age about 6 and 9, while the parents go out to celebrate their 12.5 years wedding anniversary, which is a real thing in NL!

We looked at their lego, raspberry Pi, played something like pictionary, ate pizza and them sent em to bed, which they are very well trained at. We often have Lifegroup in their home, so I know!

I absolutely love spending a bit of time with some children. It was a huge part of my life in UK and hasn’t been for a whole year!

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