#191 Sunday

In the city centre between buses yesterday afternoon, we had to barge through dense crowds of tourists, hen/stag parties, the inebriated, “jazz cigarettes” etc. I had forgotten about all this stuff as I rarely head towards that part of town (around central station). There’s an army of cyclists at every crossing, jingling their bells constantly in a futile attempt to alert the crowds. It’s quite fun for just a few minutes!

A cool tesselation thingy
Also I made this selfie collage for any fans who feel they don’t see enough of me!!

This morning it was just me and Robin for church. We cycled, and Johan spoke on Pentecost. It was a very interesting talk, taking in the diverse congregation of our church which includes Charismatic, Dutch Reform and Roman Catholic people.

It is crossroads’ 30th birthday – a team of US missionaries came to start a church here in 1988 and here we are!

Then of course we cycled towards the river. At Groenhof a heron flew right across my path about 2 foot off the ground, only about 3 feet in front of my wheel! And it barked an annoyed noise just like a motorist might.

This path took us through the middle of Amsteldijk golf centre.

The river road is gorgeous as usual, and there were lots of pleasure craft going up and down.

What a beautiful place.

Robin has an interview on 29 May with 2 ppl including a Dr, when they can decide what help she may get from the government, possibly a benefit and some particular help towards getting employment. So please pray for all that!

Just a cute pic from California.

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