#192 faith

Lily has had a 3-day trial period in the rental house with Julia. She really enjoyed it, but still don’t have any confirmation of whether they can move there! Never mind.

Yesterday, a bank holiday called Tweede Pinksterdag, (2nd Pentecost) , we have been cleaning, decluttering and packing up some stuff.

This is an interesting thing I found on the Tyndale seminary’s facebook page. Lots of people we know attend Tyndale. It’s near schiphol.

Robin and I just cycled past Klaproos 20. It stands empty, so I just prayed for it. If God has chosen something for us, then nothing can stop Him! I’m not sure if we will move in there. But I am absolutely sure that the Lord has something perfect for us. My challenge is to stay cheerful and hopeful, and get on with my life’s work. And let Him do the other stuff.

It takes a lot of prayer and constant reminders of what God is like, who He is and how he sees me. Then I can live in Hope.

What an amazing verse!

Tuesday. I cycled up Noorddammerweg to Marie’s for Ladies Bible Study. There were only 4 of us! Due to a Dutch school holiday. So it was very nice and intimate. What a lovely set of ladies. Then I met Frank at Amstelveen bus station and we went to Panta Rhei school, had a tour and asked if Frank an go there! It looks a lot better for him than his current school.

Then Frank went home and I thought I’d cycle to our church’s ministry centre and poke my nose in!

I said hi to a few folks and then went into this lovely room to pray for church and my work there. Note: Robin and I painted the wooden bits of this couch and chair!

Then cycling back I popped into Angie’s for a quick chat as I haven’t seen her since my birthday. She has had a lot of struggles similar to ours since arriving here. So we encouraged each other.

Then I cycled over to Marcia’s for an hour. We have lots to talk about with BSF and more. She encouraged me about the time when Guus was unemployed. in faith, they moved into their house with no idea how to pay the mortgage. Before the mortgage payment day arrived, He had a job and a payday!

I struggle with the balance of acting in faith and being wise.

I cycled 22.6 km today, fact fans!

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