#194 Sarphati park

I’ve really had a wonderful time doing the bible study, “Psalms for prayer”, which is a free, 21 day devotional from shereadstruth.com

Robin and I took the bus to Amsterdam to go to Sarphati park as it’s quite a hot day.

We got off in De Pijp, which is a hipster area of Amsterdam.

We ate our packed lunch in the park, then walked towards Albert Cuyp Market.

De Pijp itself is busy, loud, dusty, a bit dirty. But bustling and kind of exciting, with alternative and vintage shops, hundreds of places to eat and the famous street market.

I will actually look inside this Enamelware shop sometime!

Some bright watering cans, and the shop sign, which is a huge enamel dish.

Some gorgeous painting

A lovely few hours out in beautiful Amsterdam!

I also received a letter from UK HMRC today, saying we must pay back all the child benefit we have received since moving. The standard information is that one continues to receive UK child benefit and it is topped up by NL to their standard (we are still waiting for this) . So yet again I discover our research/ advice has come to nothingness. All I can do is be thankful for all the real help and advice we’ve received from real dutch people!


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