#195 first members meeting.

First thing in the morning I did some cleaning and mopping, most unusual!

I popped to Dorien’s and phoned Panta Rhei school, then Dorien got on the phone for about 20 minutes on Frank’s behalf! So that was helpful! They had told me their decision would be today, but now we have an extension so I can chill a bit. Hopefully he will start there September.

In the evening I went to my first church members meeting.

Greeting .prayer. bit of bible. Report on the past year. Finances. Vision.

Then split into various groups to Q&A . I chose “discipleship and care”. I just listened but it was interesting. I learned something of the history of the church. After, I chatted to two ladies , who had been in Crossroads 20 and even 30 years, since it began! They were both retired missionaries. I had some hugs and chats. It was very nice, I had felt quite an outsider as the meeting began, as none of my friends or group members were there. Later Sietse was there, and he was getting a lift home so I joined in and it was a very fun silly ride!

There are currently about 900 attending on a sunday and there are about 500 members! Well, approx 60 were present this evening.

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