#196 Delft!

At 7am Lee and I were on the bus stop for a day out in Delft. We got a sprinter train from the airport. It passed through the Hague, where we also haven’t been yet.

Before 9am we arrived in Delft. It’s gorgeous!

This chapel completed about 1400 AD.

We walked to the main square. Antiques stalls were just beginning to set up.

Cute buildings and sights abound! I’ve probably said this before, but i think this is one of the prettiest places we’ve ever been.

We had a fab iced coffee/chocolate drink and went to the Vermeer centre, just off the main square. Lee absolutely loves the paintings of Vermeer. They also had this excellent photography by Jenny Boot: Black girl with a pearl earring.

This *may* be the street in Vermeer’s “Het straatje” (the little street)

Everything was awesome!

We went in this amazing antiques shop with a tiny kitchen built in just as you entered the door.

I want everything! Or, I want to move in!

This is the only remaining city wall. It’s currently a private dwelling.

We walked to the Botanical gardens.

Very different from others we’ve visited. It had a very informal feel, very good for schools, very educational. (But not what we prefer!)

There was a costumed photo studio where you can dress Dutch, or as a character from a Vermeer painting, which I thought very fun. Of course we didn’t. But we did take advantage of this photo opportunity in the Vermeer centre:

We strolled past lots of vintage/antique stalls, saw lots of Delft pottery, but didn’t go in the porcelain place. There’s plenty more to see in Delft. It was easy to get to, we’ll certainly go again.

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