#197 “dressing your truth”

Lovely YouTuber “Diane In Denmark” mentioned something called “Dressing Your Truth”. It’s a concept & book by Carol Tuttle, of four different energy types of person, and about dressing to represent your true self. With a pinch of salt, Robin and I took an interest. While I was in Delft she researched on YouTube, Pinterest etc. And we enjoyed it.

It’s absolutely not telling someone what colours to wear. It took a bit of work to define the four types and we discussed it for hours! I’m not sure of the real value of Dressing Your Truth, but it was very valuable to start a conversation that covered lots of difficult areas for us!

We found most of the videos are full of waffle with not enough visuals.

but there’s some hilarious videos where 4 different types of women all wear exactly the same outfits! And discuss how they feel in each other’s style. And lots of makeovers.

We think we are a type 3 (me) and type 4 (Robin) and then we started guessing about other people. I love anything that defines and categorizes people for fun!

Sunday. After church, I went to Hoofddorp with Robin and George, to get his prom outfit for next weekend. He said he wanted to look “dapper”/inspired by the actor, JB Smoove. Of whom I’ve made this fun little collage:

It’s very fun having a son with opinions and ideas that are so very much his own! He got a colourful suit, shirt, chinos and a bright cherry red bow tie! And paid for it all himself btw.

Also while we were out, Robin and I were looking at clothes with a different eye, and each got some cheap earrings according to our “DYT type”.

Wat leuk!

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