#198 busy times for Robin

It’s Robin’s busiest week of the year! Today she had an appointment at the library to talk about her forthcoming Dutch lessons. After a short while, I left her to conclude the meeting with Claudia. They also talked about her volunteering, perhaps at the kinderboerdereij. (Petting zoo farm thingy).

She will have a volunteer Dutch teacher who is experienced in teaching special needs. They will not put time pressures on her, which makes a huge difference.

Meanwhile Lily and I took the bus to her farm to get something she’d left there. And I went into the farmhouse kitchen and had a quick chat with the farmer’s wife. She’s got lots of my favourite Polish Boleslawiec dinner service!

This sort of thing

I have been a bit overheated today, it’s 28 degrees outside.

Tuesday. In the morning it was Robin’s interview with UWV – first with a man who assessed what type of work she might be able to do. Then a lady doctor. They were both quiet and gentle and knowledgeable about her situation. They give an “indication” – it’s not legally binding. But it says in their opinions she should only work half days, and they said she can apply to claim a small financial benefit. So there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Meanwhile the lovely ladies group were all at the home of L, who is passionate about essential oils, and had put on a morning where we can all make a bath salts, and various other natural beauty products. By the time we got there, everyone else was gone. And we had a delightful afternoon, Robin and I made some stuff, and chattering with L.

It was lovely! And we talked lots about different people’s tastes in aromas etc. Fascinating!

It has been absolutely boiling here so I was very glad when it began to rain about 5pm. Sweet relief! 😉☔

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