#199 a storm

There was a rain and lightning storm and the electricity went off on the whole street at about 7pm. Lily and George were in the supermarket, a mile away at the time and the power cut was there too! I went and checked with a random neighbour and knocked next door to talk about the ant situation in the back yard. A few people were milling about, calling across and I thought, this is the most human interaction I’ve witnessed in Buitenhof in 10 months! I told the nature-loving neighbour next door that we’re moving soon. I said how much I’ve enjoyed their garden and the birds it attracts. He said his is the only yard that’s been made into a garden.

We certainly benefit from it!

So we had bread and salad for tea. Well, you know we really do use our electrical products in this house and I certainly plugged my phone into my solar power bank. But we had a nice evening of silly chats (Lee was out at a work dinner).

Although we’ve had a super time here in this lovely spacious home with its fab secure yard, I am very much looking forward to moving, having less floor to mop, making a garden and hopefully, knowing the neighbours a lot more!

This morning I had a professional oven cleaner in. He took two hours in this boiling heat, and it looks like new inside and out. I think it’s well worth paying for, as its given me some confidence about having stuff nice when we leave, so we can get our deposit back! It was inspiring work so I hoovered and mopped the sitting/dining room and tidied all up.

Then a very nice younger couple who work at Xrds came for the getting-to-know-you meeting, part of my becoming a member. It was very nice. They wanted to hear about my “faith journey” and I enjoyed telling them lots of my story. Then they prayed for my whole family, a very encouraging prayer like you get at Gateway. That was super.

Frank made chicken tandoori for tea.

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