#202 Arts in Uithoorn

Another amazing, totally free day out! There was advertised “Kunstroute Zijdelveld”. (Art Route), and Zijdelveld is the name of a street near our house. It’s mainly largish homes, each to be reached by it’s own little bridge, and which all back onto the beautiful Zijdelmeer.


Today from 1-5 it was free to go in 40 front gardens, and up to 90 artists were displaying/selling their wares. I was quite excited as we haven’t seen much art in Uithoorn. AND equally important – the chance to nose at the fancy gardens of complete strangers! Hurrah!

In the morning it threatened to rain. Lee & I went to Hoofddorp and then it brightened up a little, and Robin and I cycled up. I forgot my phone in Fabio’s, so I take these pics from the web.

Well it was quite nice, there was paintings,  mosaic, photography, ceramics, jewellery,  metalwork, a couple of textiles ones – obviously the most important! And also a stroopwafel stall and an ice cream van.

Lots of people had a stall, or a table covered in a cloth. But plenty just had their paintings standing around. Because the gardens are already so decorative, it seemed quite natural to see these things among the plants. It was really interesting. And yes! We did follow arrow signs to a few back gardens to see more. And even right inside one or two homes where lots of artwork was displayed! Including this really cute traditional cottage sat among the fancier places. It had a lovely traditional stove with tiles behind (tiles were not as fabulous as this pic tho)


Lots of the displayers were not exactly from Uithoorn. But really nice was the ones that clearly lived and worked there. The back gardens are fabulous, all leading onto the lake, with lovely decorative seating areas & outdoor living stuff.  In one back garden labelled “Statue garden”, there were two ladies performing something nice on big wooden recorders & a lady reciting something. In many gardens there was a free tea & coffee set up on a coffee table, or even the odd glass of wine.  I can imagine it would be so fun to host. There were also a lot of crafty kids activities available, a puppet show, and some community projects were there displaying. It really was the place to be in Uithoorn for spotting colourfully dressed ladies over 50 years!!

Robin  got a cute bee necklace and an ice cream. we had a coffee in the Hengelsport (angling) Hotel. I didn’t buy anything but I was tempted! And I determine to be inspired to make something beautiful myself, rather than buy anything.

We also saw a real woodpecker on someone’s trellis, and I did speak dutch quite a few times with mainly success.


We both liked the ceramics of local teacher Martina Dielen, above her prizewinning original bottle. there are various art courses available in the Fort Bij Uithoorn, i took a leaflet.


How fun! There’s Kunstroutes in lots of local towns, i’ll enjoy them too!



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