#203 cars and art

Hello, Robin, George and I cycled to church this morning. Paul spoke, 1st of 3 on “hearing God speak” and it was very good. He had 6 or 7 questions to ask yourself, to discern if this is a message from God or not, and it was good.

Robin and I went to Stadshart and there was this car show thing on.

Our faves

Then we cycled down the river. It was boiling! We finally went in the Cantina del Corazon (cafe of the heart / heart canteen ), a colourful pub/ mexican restaurant at Nes Aan de Amstel. We had a cold coke and saw people swimming, boating and playing in the river.

Then I met Lily and had a look at the second day of the Kunstroute Zijdelveld. It was way too hot and we didn’t look at nearly so many stalls. But I told the ceramics lady I’d googled her, and we had a little chat. I also bought a little hibiscus cutting Ā£2.

We could probably have a stall there next year if we tried.


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