#204 BSF prayer

Hello! How exciting – today the first prayer-for-BSF meeting to be held in Xrds’ Ministry Centre. I cycled up, cycling slowly and giving myself an hour to get there. Because of trying to turn up at things not sweaty!! Thankfully it wasn’t very hot or humid today though. I found the lady in charge of the centre. She’s English and lovely. She showed me all the kitchen amenities etc. Then 3 of my ladies arrived. They were thrilled with the room we’ve booked, it’s very pretty and comfortable! We felt like some kids who’ve been allowed to play in daddy’s office!!

We had a coffee and spoke of BSF related stuff. Remember, we only just met, and we are also getting to know each other.

Then K passed around her agenda and we prayed. We got on our knees BSF-leaders-meeting-style. We were having a wonderful time praising and thanking God and praying for the future BSF. It was a precious quiet time, very aware of the privilege of speaking to such a wonderful God!

When suddenly the National Emergency practice alarm went off! Every 1st Monday of the month at noon!! It’s very loud, like an air raid siren, with accompanying voices coming from my phone saying in Dutch, “This is just a drill, you don’t need to do anything!” So we had a hysterical laugh about that!

Then prayed a bit more. We are all very excited about what this is the beginning of! And how positive Xrds are being about it. Then T suggested we say the grace together, we did and all hugged!

Then I had a bit of a chat with the centre manager lady and my Uithoorn Lifegroup friend who also works there.

How exciting!

Then I cycled back home, 11km, through first the leafy streets of the fabulous bit of Amstelveen, then past Boemerang Kringloopwinkel (yes I popped in) and down Noorddammerweg. The roadsides are full of poppies, cornflower,tall daisies, and the accompanying wildflowers . It’s absolutely gorgeous and I keep forgetting to take pictures!

Its a very pleasant ride.

Our garden.

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