#206 getting help

It’s very quiet and the house feels twice the size, as Lee and George are in Liverpool.

Robin’s brace came apart yesterday as she bit into a piece of cheese! In financial trepidation we knocked at an orthodontist this morning, explained the situation and they fixed it, no charge! Didn’t even bother to take our names! 😀

Then I had my asthma checkup with Trudy, my lovely funny and friendly lung nurse.

In the evening I got the kids to help tidy up a bit as Lifegroup is in our house this week. After 9pm we were all a bit tired, hot and bothered – it’s jolly hot here. And Lily realized she didn’t have any lunch bananas. The Uithoorn supermarkets close at 9. So off we cycled to Jumbo in Aalsmeer. We were cycling west as the sun went down. It was very pleasant out. It felt like we were racing to beat the sun!

Frank is going to the cinema with school today.

So! I am an emotional wreck at the moment! I am overwhelmed with all the money trouble, the loving help we are getting, the many appointments, the forthcoming move to an unknown house, and the relief that lots of things are finally happening. Relief! Yet I am often consumed with anxiety and I cry at the drop of a hat!

We just had a home visit from a lady from the Gemeente, department of care. To meet Robin and see what care she needs. She was very nice, she will contact OTT: Ons Tweede Thuis.

(Our second home) they do daytime activities, care, have apartment blocks where adults with learning disabilities live etc.

We have contacted them directly but didn’t get very far! (That’s the story of everything so far!)

So we will have a visit with someone from Ons Tweede Thuis.

Again, a step forward!

As she left she said that once Robin is sorted she would like to assess me for some help also. I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently. I clearly need some help. It’s difficult to think about this without feeling sorry for myself and crying a lot. Do I need more help than I used to? Were people in Speke helping me a lot more than I imagined? Is it because of all the work involved in moving countries and getting into the system and culture? In the oft-repeated words of Carla, “I dunno” !

This was my study verse this morning.


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