#207 LG at home

After the WMO lady had gone, Robin and I went to beautiful Amsterdam to the cinema to see Avengers: Infinity War.

The renewed 16 tram route took us straight to Muntplein, past Albert Cuyp market, which is good to know. I’m not a massive Avengers fan but Robin likes it. I don’t enjoy the action/fighting sequences as they are too fast for me to understand what’s going on! But I like the wisecracks and friendship story bits. For some reason, the cinema is one of the few things that is cheaper here than in UK. They are also much more comfortable here.

What a super thought.

Friday evening, it was Lifegroup as usual, but it was in our house. There were 5 people and me. I had wanted to make a banana loaf and some cheese scones, as Thursday and Friday I didn’t have many appointments. But I didn’t get round to it, so I sent Frank to the shop for a little something to put out in a bowl.

We had a lovely time, with 3 established members of the group and the two new ladies, both gorgeous mothers of young kids. We were reflecting on the 2nd sermon about Hearing God’s Voice.

It was very nice to have people round again, only the second time (the other was my birthday) since we moved! I am really looking forward to more of this after we move again.


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