#208 BSF Monday

Oh thank God for the peace that passes understanding!

I have an idea, that the Lord has whispered to me about my future employment and my bible study keeps referring to it.

So I pray and expect!

George has his Prom soon. Funnily enough, he has not had a single exam – his UK friends are doing their GCSEs at the moment. And he is probably the most studious of my bunch. Certainly the most self disciplined.

He is about to begin a year of prep for the IB, followed by 2 years of IB which will be all in English. That’s the equivalent of A-levels.

Monday morning, I cycled up to Xrds ministry centre, for our BSF prayer meeting at 11:00. It was just 3 of us today. L explained the process leading up to starting her small group a year ago, and explained some of the BSF way to T, who’s been in BSF but not a leader. Then we prayed. Also I asked the office admin lady if I could have a little cubby in the ministry centre to keep a few bits of paper, and she gave me my own little door of a cupboard! I feel successfully inveigled!

It is 11km cycle to Xrds ministry centre. So I allow an hour, just as well as there were 2 diversions today. Above pictured, lovely De Poel, which I cycle past. Coming out of the meeting, T and I cycled together towards the Bos, chatting away. It’s the first time I’ve cycled along like that with a friend and it’s very fun.

I’ve done most of everything with my own family members for a whole year. Rather like the swiss family Robinson!

On the way back I popped into B’s for a cuppa and catch up. She’s currently got 9 people living in her house! And then I went to Marcia, who wasn’t well and is a wonderful lady.

Then Robin and I went to the airport to check out the Panorama terrace. Haven’t been before.

It’s not delightful but it’ll do – a BSF Europe lady is flying into Schiphol soon and we’ll have a meeting with her. There are lots of cafes of course, but it gets very loud and busy. but upon this terrace we can also pray without disturbing anyone.

So, progress! And it’s a lovely start to the week. I’m really feeling the weeks, months and year fly by!

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