#209 Brabants Bont + Boerenbont

Wow- just saw this on instagram and it struck a chord!

I am so grateful to be healing in every way in my new environment!

Carla and I went to IKEA for breakfast this morning. There was a woven wicker rocking chair and we took turns being an old person in it! “Waar zijn m’n brillen?” Etc.

She looks quite glam here, I’ve gone for the Human Thumb look.

I’ve done quite a stack of granny squares this past week,a good sign that I’m getting a much needed rest.

They are all Painted Roses Blanket pattern by Cherry Heart. All using 4ply sock wool and a 4mm hook, but in quite a range of colours. I’m pretty thrilled with this one:

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone adding that bright green.

My favourite fabric.

In NL it’s called Brabants Bont.

Brabant is a province of NL and its flag is bright red-and-white check which isn’t gingham but we’ll forgive that. The traditionally-painted dinner service is also very associated with it. Of course red gingham fabric was the traditional kitchen decor in every home.

It’s called Boerenbont – farmer’s bont ?

According to Google translate, bont means fur or voucher. So I have no explanation for the whole thing.

I really like this service with the traditional floral pattern among different ginghams.

It’s clearly the inspiration for this more delicate patterned set we used to have from BHS, do you recall!

Also there is this folklore version of Brabants bont:

Very cute!

It’s nice to hear Frank chatting with his UK pals from home education and scouts, while he plays on the PlayStation with them. I was just chatting with an expat mum over FB last night, she was worried that her teenage son hasn’t made any friends yet in 5 months. All I can say is, be patient, everything takes a lot longer than you imagine!

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